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The Hammock Dunes Owners’ Association, Inc. Annual Members Meeting is March 25, 2019 at 10am in the Hammock Dunes Club; 30 Ave. Royale, Palm Coast, FL  32137

March 26, 2018 Annual Meeting Brief - Click Here

March 27, 2017 Annual Meeting Brief - Click Here

March 28, 2016 Annual Meeting Brief - Click Here

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Leash Law

Access Control vs Security
Owner Questionnaire Results
Brazilian Pepper Eradication
The Blue Heron Sculpture
Rules of the Road   
Revised Bridge Start Date
Town Hall Board Meeting
Bridge Construction Update
Bride Update
Please Mail Proxy Ballot Immediately
Special Members Meeting
Gate Access Information
Asset Purchase Passed
Bridge Repair Update
Golf Social
Introducing Kids Clinics
Bridge Repair Update & Traffic Change
Bridge Caution - One Lane Traffic
Beach Reminders
August HDOA Summer Beach Party
Volunteer Recognition Dinner
Ligustrum Tree Disease
Flagler Habitat/Hammock Dunes - House for Yolanda
Volunteer Recognition Dinner Date Change
House for Yolanda - Update
House for Yolanda - Update II
Last HDOA Summer Beach Party
House for Yolanda - Update III
President's Letter
Important Information
House for Yolanda - Update IV
House for Yolanda - Update V
House for Yolanda - Update VI
House for Yolanda - Update VII
House for Yolanda - Update VIII
House for Yolanda - Update IX
Brazilian Pepper Eradication Volunteers
Annual HDOA Meeting Updates
HD Annual Meeting - Come Join Us!
Updated Owner Questionnaire
HDOA First Summer Beach Party!
HDOA June Summer Party Cancelled
It is Sea Turtle Nesting Time
Audubon Survey
Volunteer Recognition Dinner
Sea Turtle Nests
Dune Walkover Closed
Important Reminder
Bridge Lane Closure
Speed Limit Signs Update  
DCDD Board Vacancy
Maintenance Update
Security Alert #1
Security Alert #2
Security Alert #3
Security Awareness Meeting
HDOA Annual Meeting Date
Brazilian Pepper Busting
Hammock Dunes Obituary
HDOA Block Party & Car Show
HDOA Update
HDOA Summer Beach Party
Hammock Dunes Flyover
HDOA Pet Alert
HDOA Update - August 2015
HDOA Website Property Search Feature
HDOA Update - December 2016
HDOA Update - Hurricane Matthew Landscape Cleanup
Hammock Dunes FEMA Information
Hurricane Matthew Update - February 2017
Hammock Dunes Beach CLOSED Starting Monday
Dunes Restoration Update
Dunes Restoration Video
Hurricane Irma Updates
Hurricane Irma Town Hall Meeting Brief - November 2017
Wildlife Alert! - November 2017


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